Biology is a science concerned with the physicality of a living being on this earth. Physicality not just mean skin of a living being it includes cells, genes.origin, growth, taxonomy, function and many other things of a living being (means humans, animals, and insect all alike). It deals with all the organism a living body consists of and it has so many functions that one cannot understand the whole system of any living being. Students following biology in general sense are called doctors but doctors. There are more than 50 specializations on being a doctor such as a gynecologist is a doctor who deals with a human body function like pregnancy, cardiologist who deals with cardiovascular portion of a body and so on. Biology helps in knowing one’s body properly, it is consider as a natural science. A lot of research and experiments goes on in biology along with practical knowledge. If all this is not enough assignments and projects do the needful. Tutors of willing to help students in all matter they could without them feeling dependent on others.

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