Computer Science Engineering

Computer engineering means engineering relating to computers. A computer is after all only a machine or electronic, which needs a maintained, like a car. Hardware of a computer is the main part of a computer and it is called mother of the computer, as all the information and software’s are stored in it. If anything goes wrong with it all matters saved in it will get lost which is the worst thing could happen to anybody because now the world runs on computers. Thus computer engineering is the most sought after profession and its engineers are the most reputable persons. They also design computer PDAs and anything related to computers, any kind of engineering is consider to be tough but there is a very different kind of opinion in the minds of the people regarding computer engineeringand it has various followers. Though many would say I love doing my projects and assignments as a student of computer engineering but there would be a stage where even a brilliant student will need help. give that help to student without being them relying on others mercy. A student can anytime approach for any kind of problem regarding their assignments and projects.

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