Students and Teachers meet online, and have mentioned below step by step process how thing works:
  • Teachers mention the details of subject, specialty and pricing for an assignment/subject in web.
  • Students matches the quality issue and pricing part by chatting
  • Student quotes the price and schedule in the next stage.
  • If all would tally, teacher confirms the receiving of assignment/or share the lesson plan after Reliable Tutor getting an advance payment (usually 50% of the quote) in lieu of primary invoice. This payment part is committed either via Paypal or via credit card/online transaction
  • After receiving an assignment, from Reliable Tutor confirmation email goes to student mail box.
  • The teacher and student once again chat at the day of schedule time ends either via Skype or Google Chat or by direct calling in accordance with both parties comfort-ability.
  • When Reliable Tutor confirms the completion of assignment, then generates secondary invoice for rest payment, following the above mentioned process when payment is finished, reliable Tutor sends the completed assignment by two way hand shaking method.
What happens at the time of solving assignment?

Limit less correspondence between teacher and student via internet by the foresaid methods to give the assignment finishing cent percent accuracy.

Why should I use Reliable Tutor?

We have a plenty of interactive services on ample of subjects to provide the students unique qualitative solution with best possibility, where student gains confidence and addiction to return back.

  • Meeting dead line with accuracy
  • Potential Solution.
  • Dedicated E-account for comfortable access by the student.
  • Justified cost effective Payments with easy method.
  • Others…Student gets huge back up
Do I need to have any special internet feature to access Reliable Tutor?

Not at all, only internet connection is needed but if your system is Skype enable then it will be easier for you to interact.

Students Community

How learning begins?

  • Create your own account.
  • Browse the topic by a search using a key word for example ‘Micro-programming ’.
  • Send request message embedding the desire assignment as an attachment, or seeking the subject plan. find slot and schedule
  • Wait for token message of acceptance from Reliable Tutor; receive the confirmation of acknowledging the assignment or lesson plan.
  • Finish (only 5 steps).Enjoy your lesson.
How can I find my subject mentor?

You just mail us your subject; rest responsibility is of Reliable Tutor.

How do I fix time slot with my respective mentor?

You request us through mail, rest we care.

How do I pay for an assignment/subject?

Payments for assignment being done either by PayPal or online/wire transaction via Credit card.

Before paying insure the receive of invoice for concerned payment.

Do I have to pay Reliable Tutor and a teacher individually?

Exactly not, as every teacher is the instance of Reliable Tutor; hence, you need only to pay to Reliable Tutor.

What if the teacher doesn’t show up for the lesson?

After logging if you are unable to avail online tutor then booked slot price will be carried forward to the next slot and if you do not wish to continue, in else case, being refunded.

Teacher Chapter

How do I join reliable tutor?


  • Send an email to us where you mention your detailed candidature and attach your Resume.
  • If you are selected you will receive an invitation email with a topic of test.
  • You will be assigned a time slot for it, in that span of time you need to submit the test answer.
  • If you would fail to provide the test within that span of time you will receive second chance for sitting in the test.
  • After submission of the test result within seven days of time we let you know your selection.
  • Once you fail you will not get the option of applying second time before three months of time counting your time of test.
How can I insure my presence online to students?

Once you become a member of reliable tutor you will be received two sets of account detail. An user account of My Reliable Tutor and another account of Reliable Tutor Skype with user name and password from Reliable Tutor with an yearly contract and a calendar of lesson plan, you have to be present in skype in accordance with those slots mentioned in lesson plan.

How do I get paid?

You need to pay your bank saving account detail; Reliable Tutor will enlist that to its PayPal account. Every of tenth day of a month you will receive your remuneration by updating your saving account.

What is Reliable Tutor’s fee?

Reliable Tutor does not charge any registration fee for creating any account to its portal.

Can I use teaching materials during the lesson?

We provide you the lesson plan and guideline to design the teaching material. You need to submit the teaching material to Reliable Tutor after you will design the stuff for further auditing.

Displayed List

What is listing?

The files with academic projects available for selling.

How can I purchase a listing?

Check the availability of the listing ,find the payment mode, select it and sending alert message confirm the purchase, then pay buy choosing your comfortable method, avail the listing in your account.

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