Any technical project consists of two things a) Abstract b) Detailed documentation. Once abstract being approved, and then the original project life cycle begins. It is with

  • Project flow diagram and Pseudo Code
  • Analysis c)Design
  • Source Code
  • Testing
  • Implementation and
  • Maintenance

This the complete life period and called by the language of software engineering ‘water fall model’ .

In few cases like Real Time System there is no difference between implementation and maintenance as maintenance is complimentary to implementation, once fails system is crashed hence here the life cycle of the project called ‘Spiral Model’ .This is more delegate and difficult to handle .

A story of Success

We usually provide the orthodox support to our students following the rule of software engineering. As we believe certain code snippet or flip is not a project.A self sufficient complete project is that which when being studied by any other software engineer apart from the project owner can understand, reuse and generate a new project. A project is defined as a complete project when it can give the birth of its successor that is why ‘life cycle’ this term is introduced in project.

Reliable Tutor’s team is ready to help you to solve your final year project, complete portfolio of project management like source codes, cover letter, documentation, power point/flash presentation etc.

We are here to assist you in any project where programming tool is no matter whether it is C or Lua .Our think tank is efficient enough to take care any technology existing on the earth. If you are stuck with your project or wanna make a project for your future use just talk to us or chat with our representative, we will guide you with our expertise and knowledge. Only thing we can assure you is SATISFACTION insuring the score High.

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