What is a Freelance Warrior?

The freelance warrior doesn’t depend on any employers. Environmentally friendly, not exploiting anyone, keeps getting gigs and getting paid.

In an economy where some people struggle to get hired at all, the freelance warrior gets hired week after week. She knows how to make a resume/cover letter stand out so he can get a job if he wants one, but he also knows how to whip up a quick website and do business for himself online. She knows the most efficient ways to let people pay her, and she knows how to offer exciting new versions of the products and services that are already in demand. She knows how to get people fired up and get them talking about her or her brand.

The Technology Ninja Program is part of your child’s Freelance Warrior training.

The technology kids learn in school is always a step behind. The teachers try to keep up with it, but by the time they learn it and implement it into the curriculum a whole year has passed, and new tools have replaced the ones being taught. Our freelance warriors can show your child how to use the most advanced tools available. Let the kid get a step ahead of the game.

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