For a student, it is always difficult to construct a dissertation. A student in his student age at any point of time at least once takes support from his/her teacher .There is no exception of it, even , world famous scientists also at a corner of student age gain assistance from their teacher. Nothing wrong in it, as simply this matter is unavoidable particularly for designing thesis that is why ‘mentor’ this terminology originated.

How Reliable Tutors handle your dissertations?

We absolutely take care at the time of writing dissertations, actual style, proper design and format and the given guideline point by point giving the birth of an ideal dissertation. As you know, every thesis writing goes through a life cycle and we guide our students in each stage of it, whether it is selection of topic or whether it is assigning the respective potential mentor drafting the proposal.

Dissertation mentoring provided by us guarantee that your dissertation is exclusive and never being suffered by plagiarism, we take your tension on us leaving you hackle free. Your job is to send the topic and instruction set, rest gets our nourishing, output is a justified high marks gaining smart creature, the thesis, ready to be submitted.

A story of Success

Our teachers and drafter till time have completed around 300 dissertations for the students; all have gained high marks and satisfied the need of the students in India and abroad. . We offer a unique, self-sufficient package to the students which starts parallel movement with the students from the nascent stage (topic selection), mentor assigning till the project gets submitted for wining a high score. You can get this superb service very easily only by filling an online form. If you are confused about selecting dissertation topic then get help here on how to select topics and proceed right from the desk of our expertise.

Thesis Writing

Thesis is the passport of a Master’s student to enter into the world of their deserved profession. Without it they are incomplete to their professional life, we understand this pain point and hence so much cautious ,particular and specific towards the selection of the topic and following guideline hop by hop. When you are here, you don’t have to be bothered as you would start making the ladder of trust and hope in us as soon as you approach us with your thesis writing problems. At Reliable Tutors, in a very short time will help you refocus and prepare significant progress on your PHD thesis. Avail our dissertation help to seek professional writers working on your paper marking success.

The process of thesis research involves this life cycle
  • Proposal Drafting
  • Approval
  • Conducting the study process
  • Writing the entire abstract and body
  • Approval of the draft or document

It seems very simple, but in reality the nature and complexity of the task is very high, and it is tedious to accomplish each and every step with accuracy. The steps involved in such tedious task include, identification of topic, reviewing the literature, problem statement, research question(s) and research hypothesis development, research design (Sampling, measures, procedures and data collection), statistical analysis, (data analysis preparation, data entry and screening, interpretation),discussion,results,recommendation, conclusion.

We are working in a vast field include management, Economics, Computer Science, English, Engineering, Epidemiology, Public Health, and Life Science.

Engineering thesis

We accept Engineering Dissertation and projects (major and minor both) as well. Engineering students submit their project/ thesis in the final year of their study, as it is a mandatory. They have to represent various modules of their thesis in front of the examiner and this part is really delegate and sensitive as without the high score in the project/thesis they are not eligible for GRE or entry in profession. They can choose any technical topic for their project/thesis, but in reality the native or foreign professional world to them asks specific topic. Hence, topic selection for an engineering student is a touchy issue. We specifically focus on it and strongly prepare them for defending Viva voce increasing their level of confidence (‘confidential defense’). At Reliable Tutors, technical students can educate themselves with various resources during their research paper writing. Our writers who handle engineering projects are highly qualified, talented, particular and well-informed about various engineering subjects.

Engineering Dissertation Services:
  • Semiconductor Devices and Circuits.
  • Analog Electronic Circuits
  • Analog Integrated Circuits
  • Analog VLSI Design
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Physics and Modeling of Semiconductor Devices
  • Television and Video Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics

We work in more or less every field of Engineering. You can mail us at if you did not find your subject in the list.

Our services include:
  • Dissertation editing services
  • Thesis editing services
  • SPSS / SAS help services
  • Formatting, Proof reading and Translating
  • Rephrasing [Free of plagiarism]
Dissertation writers and tutors at Reliable Tutors

Our tutors are very much particular to engineer complete, innovative, without plagiarism and fed with self-sufficient idea thesis. Our unique methods helped hundreds of scholars to complete and submit their thesis successfully. Reliable Tutors has in-house internal committee which consists of PhD holders for writing and as research advisors, Post doctoral fellows and M.D holding PhD with rich experience in research. Some of our writers are trained at Harvard School, London School of Business, and University of Birmingham. To know more about this topic, CALL us or feel free to send EMAIL to our help service, who dedicate 24*7 for, by and with you.

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