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Physics has derived its name from the ancient Greek word “?????” or physis " that implies “nature". Physics, therefore, is a natural science that engages the study of matter as well as its motion through space and time, plus all the concepts associated, counting force and energy. Speaking more broadly, physics is the general analysis of the nature, which allows us to realize how the universe behaves actually. The energy that is being spoken about here is the energy which can take the form of motion, electricity, light, gravity, radiation, and almost just about everything. This subject deals with matter on scales varies from sub-atomic particles we know as neutrons, protons etc to the stars and indeed the whole galaxies.

Physics is an experimental science and it utilizes the systematic and scientific way to devise and analysis hypotheses which are based upon inspection of the natural earth. The objective of physics is to employ the consequences of these tests to originate various scientific laws which are generally expressed in the words of mathematics; these laws are capable of predicting other phenomena as well. In a broader judgment, physics could be considered as the most fundamental of the natural sciences. For instance, chemistry can be regarded as a multifaceted application of physics, because it concentrates on the interaction of matter and energy in chemical systems. And we can also say that in Biology also, say for example in heart, where various chemical properties of living beings are going on, is also a part of physics.

Physics also plays an important role in understanding and also implementing many new edge technologies. Say for instance, advances in the field of nuclear physics or electromagnetism is led straightly to the progress of various new products that have noticeably altered our modern day culture, like computers, television, various domestic appliances and nuclear weaponry; in addition, progress in thermodynamics led to the expansion of industrialization; on the other hand progress in mechanics motivated the development of calculus.


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